PRISM 49:1 FALL 2010

PRISM 49.1 FALL 2010

PRISM 49.1 FALL 2010

Two Truths and a Lie” by Michael Kardos
“Lost Animal Club” by Kevin A. Couture
“On the San Juan” by Ron Carlson

“Guilt” / “Answering” / “Halloween” by Jared Harel
“TIMBER: TIMBRE” / “TIMBRE: TIMBER” by Erin Robinsong
“Structural Conceptions of Self in the Ice Cream Era” / “Lights” / “This Was Before We Knew” by Weston Cutter
“Handwork Accompaniment” by Heather Cadsby
“A Strange Time” by Jason Heroux
three poems from Indexical Elegies by Jon Paul Fiorentino
from “Variations on a Cardboard Crown” by Stephanie Yorke
“My Place” by John Grey
“Dump Bear” / “I am from Northern Ontario” by Marguerite Pigeon
“You can never go home” / “Home” by Cara-Lyn Morgan
“Note on a Fridge Door” / “Face” by Rocco de Giacomo
“Akhmatova’s Samovar” / “The Garden Folly” / “The Veteran Mutters” by Nyla Matuk
“Mambo” / “Refrigeradores” by Orlando Ricardo Menes

“The slimmest of moments when fear subsides and courage takes over” by Ian John Turner


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