PRISM 48:4 SUMMER 2010


PRISM 48:4 SUMMER 2010

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Fiction & Poetry Contest Issue

Judge’s Essay by Fiction Contest Judge Zsuzsi Gartner
Judge’s Essay by Poetry Contest Judge Rhea Tregebov

Grand Prize Winner
Roadnotes” by Eliza Robertson

“The Dead Roads” by D.W. Wilson
“The Fur Trader’s Daughter” by Seyward Goodhand

Grand Prize winner
“Owl on the roof” by Joelene Heathcote

“Leap” by Leslie Vryenhoek
“The Big Siesta (or: The End of Modern Warfare)” by Patricia Young

“The Slums of Kitsilano” by Eden Robinson

Fairway” / “This poem has been modified from its original version. It has been modified to fit this space.” by Antony DiNardo
“Dixville Notch” / “Hoser” by Regan Taylor
“Dissolve” by Nathan Baker
“Fly Dying on the Bedroom Floor” by Kevin Bushell
“Having Passed Down a Hall to a Room with Yellow Seats Labelled ‘Cebupacific,’ a TV Squawking, Under Hissing Lights” / “We Will Recognize Them!” by John Wall Barger
“Bloodroot” / “Hiding the Erotic Inclination” / “Swim Trunks” / “The Sources of the Self” by Jan Conn
“I Think I Dreamed of Wings” by Robert Gore
“Euclidean” / “Castaway” by George Sipos
“Linkage” / “Gatineau Pastoral for a Gent Who Waits Table in the Rockies” / “Cloud Puffs above a Ridge-top Barbeque Grill” by Peter Richardson


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