PRISM 48:2 WINTER 2010


PRISM 48:2 WINTER 2010

50th Anniversary Retrospective Issue

Rachel Knudsen chats with author Lisa Moore and former PRISM fiction editor Zsuzsi Gartner

“Moon and GNAC” by Italo Calvino, translated from the Italian by Helen Barolini
“Family Secrets” by Carol Shields
Comedian Tire” by Bill Gaston
“Addressing the Assassins” by Leon Rooke
“Trap Lines” by Thomas King
“The Second Little Pig Discusses Finances With His Wife” by Mark Anthony Jarman
“Various Degrees Of Nakedness” by Lisa Moore

“Tales of the Fantastic” by Jorge Luis Borges

“Birthday” by Robert Kroetsch
“Skin” by Ted Hughes
“Bury Me, Bury Me, Wind!” by Anna Akhmatova, translated from the Russian by Judith Hemschemeyer
“Experiment” by Wislawa Szymborska, translated from the Polish by Andrzej Busza & Bodan Czaykowski
“The Explorers” by Margaret Atwood
You Just Can’t Get Them Out of Your Head” by Bronwen Wallace
“The Time Around Scars” by Michael Ondaatje
“Ice Fishing Cessford Lake” by Kim Maltman
“What We Didn’t Tell the Medic” by Ken Babstock
“For Helen and Martha Knox Hainesville, New Brunswick Missionaries to Kenya, 1910-1940” and “On Seeing a Bear Tied to a Fender” by Alden Nowlan
“Abandoned Cable” and “Hiking With My Shadow” by Don McKay
“Falling” Matt Rader
“North America’s Favourite Zoo Animal” by Stephanie Bolster
“Cheers” by Raymond Carver
“The Wind and the Rain” by Roo Borson
“Al’s House” by Lorna Crozier
“Wedding Day” by Seamus Heaney
“Thoughts on a Quiet Night” by Li Bai, translated from the Chinese by Ouyang Yu
“Too Spare, Too Fierce” by Patrick Lane
“American Windows” by Sue Sinclair
“Wearing the Map of Africa” by Erin Mouré
“Siesta” by George McWhirter
“At the Iglesia de Sacromonte” by Irving Layton
“Study: Disciplines” by Jan Zwicky
“Conversation” by P.K. Page
“The Dead Poet” by Al Purdy


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