PRISM 48:1 FALL 2009


PRISM 48:1 FALL 2009

Interview with Julie Booker on “Geology in Motion”

“Where the Sky Is” by Sadiqa de Meijer
Pop Star Sparkling” by Lucretia Smith
“End-Effectors of Series A” by S. Kennedy Sobol
Geology in Motion” by Julie Booker

“Blue” by Mary B. Valencia

“Hornby Island Vacation” / “Good Light” by Jeff Steudel
“Outside The Frame” by Anna Mioduchowska
“Waterskitter” by Jordan Mounteer
“Mennonite Boys in Wet Underwear” by Nashira Dernesch
“Citadel Hill” / “Inland, from The Ocean” by matt robinson
“A Thing Past” by Leanne Averbach
“Interpretation” / ” Taboo-Girl” / “Dance?” by Patricia Young
“Metamorphoses, Book 10” by Warren Heiti
“The Dumb Supper” by E.A. Carpentier
“Skin” by Ronnie R. Brown
“The Double” by Lauren Carter
“You Will Sit Here Until You Aren’t Embarrassed to Look at These Photos” / “Smoke Machine” / “A Constellation of Inattention” / “Grand Opening at a Winery” by Aaron Giovannone
“Faldero” / “Flaneur” by Ben Hart
“What if a name” / “For see how the jasmine releases and lets fall its withered flowers” / “Here, the air is visible,” and “The inner eye” by Jane Munro


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