PRISM 47:4 SUMMER 2009


PRISM 47:4 SUMMER 2009

Interview with Short Fiction Contest Judge Lisa Moore
Interview with Poetry Contest Judge Karen Solie

Short Fiction Grand Prize Winner: “The Dead Dad Game” by Laura Boudreau
First Runner-up: “Something Fierce” by James Phelan
Second Runner-up:”Mama Dglo’s Lullaby” by Devina Bahadoorsingh

Poetry Grand Prize Winner: “Aleph-nought” by Michael Eden Reynolds
First Runner-up: “Upon the Conversion of Stephen Harper” by Michael Eden Reynolds
Second Runner-up: “Coney Island in October” by Catherine Owen

“Ging’s Selling up Sharks on Karon Beach” by Cathleen With

“The Tablecloth” by Mary Romero Ferguson
“Advance Praise for This Book” by Nicholas Matthews
“Teal Doesn’t Exist Anymore” by Jane Goodwin
“The Trees Have Loved Us All Along,” “Tree Watchers,” “Hue” and “Trails” by Sonnet L’Abbé
“Medical Inspection (Rue des Moulins)” and “Bathing” by Andrea MacPherson
“Fear of Wasps,” “Cherry Trees,” “I Am My Body” and “Le Cathedral Notre Dame” by Sue Sinclair
“The Delicate Synthesis” and “In the Library” by Priscila Uppal
“The Bus Ride that Became a Horror Movie,” “For Dave in Istanbul” and “A Love Poem” by Jacob Scheier
“Eleven” and “On not leaving the house” by Vanessa Lent
“[From a long poem set in a short town]” by Stephanie Yorke


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