PRISM 47.2 WINTER 2009


PRISM 47:2 WINTER 2009

2008 Literary Nonfiction Contest Issue

Interview with Contest Judge Patrick Lane

Grand Prize Winner
The Death of Pedro Iván” by Amanda Hale

“Long Views Across Nothing” by Leah Bailly
“Salties and Lakers” by Terri Favro

“The Hospital is for Sick Children” / “Smaller Narrative” by Nathaniel G. Moore
“Plato’s Cafe” by Daryl Sneath
Migrant Workers” / “Full Rolling Boil” by Maureen Hynes
“Checklist” / “Observation” by Ann Scowcroft
“At Third Beach” / “A Few Lines in C Minor” by John Barton
The Perfect Jaw” / “The Ministry of Kisses” by Julian Gobert
“Blindness: three poems on a theme” by Niels Hav, translated from the Danish by Martin Aitken
“Guests” by Allison Blythe
“sump pump poem” / “Word on the Market (Light Sweet Crude)” by Christine Wiesenthal

“Electric Clothes” by Lindsay McNiff
“The Giants in the Parkade” / “The Creation” by Franz Hohler, translated from the German by Jeff Kochan


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