PRISM 47.1 FALL 2008


PRISM 47:1 FALL 2008

“The Last Thing You Need” by Josh Weil
from “Off the Map” by Tanis Rideout

Interview with Shawn Syms and Michelle Miller about Journey Prize-nominated “On the Line”

“Two Man Band” / “Girls” / “Crowd on Queen Street” / “Noodle Party” by Kathryn Jankowski

“Walking the Peace Wall” by Andrea MacPherson

“Diagnoses” by Leigh Kotsilidus
“Acrobats (Shanghai 1990)” / “Songshu” by Baziju
“Lynn Saw a Ghost” / “The Cookie Bags” by Aaron Giovannone
from “Abbatoir Ghazals” by Jim Johnstone
Liner Notes” by Jennica Harper
“Labour Day” by Susan Ingersoll
“Innocent Bystanders” / “Tough Cookies” by Gabe Foreman
“The Gift of Misalignment” by Tom Wayman

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