PRISM 46.1 FALL 2007


PRISM 46.1 FALL 2007

When it Comes” by Justin Varava
“Jessie and Marlene” by James Riseborough
“Some Light Down” by S. Kennedy Sobol

Migrations” by Eleonore Schönmaier
“January Dreams with Tamayo” / “Lip-Reading Jean Cocteau” by Jan Conn
“Café Poem” by Chris Hutchinson
“you are tall” by Golda Fried
“Math Rebel” by Kim Goldberg
“National Research Council Time Signal” / “The Great Leap Forward” by Matt Rader
“Aviator” by John Barton
“Unwritten Postcard” by Claire Battershill
“Linguistic Obituary” by Vanessa Moeller
“Tropical Hurricane” by Tomasz Rózycky translated from the Polish by Mira Rosenthal
“Flash Forward” by Luis Chaves translated from the Spanish by Elizabeth Zuba
“Rain Sutra” by Warren Heiti
“Tristesse Tropique” by Derk Wynand
Hag-Ridden” by Margaret Avison


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