PRISM 45.3 SPRING 2007

PRISM cover 45:3

PRISM 45:3 SPRING 2007

“Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good” by Adam Lewis Schroeder
“What’s Left of Musical Giants” by Michael P. Kardos

“Worlds of Delight” by Trevor Herriot
“An Interview with Tim Lilburn” by Maleea Acker

Sleepers” by Joan E. Bauer
Reading Faulkner” by Alison Pick
from “Environment Canada” by a.rawlings
“The Reflecting Pool” / “If There is Something” / “Work” by Maleea Acker
“Theurgy” / “I Will Serve” by Tim Lilburn
“The Playing Field” by Marjorie Kowalski Cole
“Urban Planning” by Kim Goldberg
“In Strathcona County” by Richard Vanderford


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