Prompt: Where are they now?



After reading Re’Lynn Hansen’s piece ‘Reunion’ in issue 52.3, I was invited to a reunion of my own—a ten year reunion of the cast of Les Misérables. (Not staged on Broadway, by the way, but in a small town in Co. Galway with my youth theatre. Though parents did compare it to a West End production.)


I looked back on some of the photos of the cast and was struck by the thought: where are they now? Perhaps, like me, you flick through old albums—digital or physical—to look back on faces and the people you haven’t seen in years.

So the prompt today is inspired by that thought. Find a old collection of photos, maybe from your high school or university days, pick a face at random, and think of where that person is now, how they may have changed, the events that they have experienced since graduation.

It is best to fictionalise this, to let your imagination really spark. See how a story can spring from character this way, too—it’s a great way of letting your protagonist drive the plot.

Maybe it will also inspire a real reunion, too?

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